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MOKA is a tool for management teams that reduces the risk of data manipulation. Much more than a metadata aggregator, Moka is also a data administrator and validator as: ​

  • IDPs and SPs Certificates
  • International compliances such as R&S, SIRTFI and MRPS
  • Customer Metadata.

The solution is adopted by the Federated Academic Community (CAFe) and replaced the old manual registration with an automated and simplified process, with a dashboard with a complete view of active and inactive customers.​

  • Control and notice of certificate expiration;​
  • Registration of responsible focal points;​
  • Automatic metadata-export;​
  • Customer suspension.​

Client Dashboard 

Certificate Dashboard

IDPs Manage

SPs Manage

You need more detail? Contact RNP.

  • Laerte Fernando Belotto
  • Jean Carlo Faustino

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