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NTT's forum demo will be done from 11-13 / Feb, (12th to 14th in Japan time), but we will continuously test the networks for all days.

NTT/NHK team will be working in Rio from Feb. 3, 2014 (Mon)  to Feb 14, 2014 (Fri)

Event website:

The demo will be listed in the title of "Evolution of Value Services" -> "User experiences" at

Some-Requests-From-NTT.pdfEsquema das instalações (equipamentos) no PoP e configurações de rede.




Network Diagram
Planta_IDC_Calhas_10.12.2013.docPlanta do PoP. Foi aprovada a utilização do espaço de 2 (dois) racks, conforme layout (quadrados em azul na área do CBPF) pelo prazo de 6 meses (fevereiro a julho - Final da Copa de 2014).
NHK&NTT_Plan.xlsxProgramação de atividades

file showing the list devices that need IP-addresss. As result, we need 22 IPs for Route#1, 8 IPs for #2 for both NTT & NHK team.


Projeto 8K - Lista de Equipamentos - Item_list(NTT+NHK)v6.xlsx


  • Total de espaço físico necessário: 20 U em 1 rack + 1 mesa p/ usuário + 1 PC e 1 Notebook
  • Total de consumo elétrico (em Watts): 4710 W
  • Total e tipos de conexões rede necessárias: 4 portas 1GbE
  • Eles usarão 21 endereços no total (segundo planilha), todos públicos.
  • Apesar da soma na planilha ser 26U, dois TS Recorder (3U cada) são backup, só necessários em caso de falha.


Route 1:  (GEMnet2 - Internet2 - RNP)

Route 2: (GEMnet2 - SINET4 - RedClara - RNP)





@ PoP-Sao Paulo

@ PoP-Rio de Janeiro

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  1. From: "Tatsuya FUJII" <>
    Sent: Wednesday, November 13, 2013 1:54:17 PM

    1. We need the support angle to place NHK's TS-recorders without rack-mount-kit.  We wanna place 2 bodies of the TS-recoders at a time, size if 5U x2.   NHK will send 4 recorders, but The other 2 recoders are cold stanby backup  (off the shelf)

    2. We need max 4 1GbE port.    2 are used for route#1&#2, 1 is for streaming to US or Europe where NHK wanna stream. The last one is for a new experiment (being planned) with RNP/FIU/NTT using NTT's openflow software switch that will be placed in Miami.


  2. From: "Tatsuya FUJII" <>
    Sent: Tuesday, November 19, 2013 3:58:08 PM

    > 1. You said "5U x 2" for the TS-recorders, but in the Item List Sheet the recorders are 3U. Which is the correct size?

    I've confirmed Dr. Iguchi on this, the actual size of the TS-recoder is "4U", so I wanna put 2 of 4U box on either a shelf or angles to sustain them.


    > 2. In the item list, all 21 IPs need to be public?

    I'l like to confirm the meaning of "public." I need these IP addresses are global address, but NOT need they can be accessed from the outside of this experimental NW. Does this make sense?