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BI4edurom is a tool developed by RNP to monitor eduroam in service providers, generate usage reports and assess what users are saying about the service on social networks.

eduroam in Brazil has more than 2700 access points, with more than 170 service providers, benefiting millions of users, with difficulty in providing fast and adequate support to the growing user community, the starting point in the search for quality improvement of the service.

Some of the benefits of creating the tool:

  • Easier to identify the source of unavailability problems;
  • Possibility of evaluating how users have published their experience with eduroam on the network;
  • Management based on service usage indicators.

The views available in the tool are still restricted as support teams, one of the future advances being a public availability for users, thus facilitating the identification of access points available on the eduroam map.

Want to know more? Contact RNP.

Availability Monitoring

Management report

User sentiment analysis

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