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The eduroam Marker is a tool developed by RNP to facilitate the management of eduroam access points. Through the tool, eduroam service providers have full management of access point registrations, leaving RNP with the sole function of approving the point, all in a simplified and automated way.

eduroam in Brazil has more than 2700 access points, with more than 170 service providers, available in universities, federal institutes, research agencies and public spaces, with the growing number of access points being the starting point in the search improvements in processes and automation of manual tasks, aiming to facilitate management and greater reliability of records of access points.

List of some of the benefits of creating the tool and improving processes:

  • Automation of the process of inserting, removing and updating eduroam access points;
  • Greater accuracy of access point records;
  • Less use of technical teams with manual activities.

How do I adopt?

RNP made the tool's source code available on Github, if you are an NRO (National Roaming Operators) and want to use the tool, please contact us in the following emails requesting access. It is important that you also submit your Github account.

Contacts: ;

How was the hotspot update?

1- The eduroam service providers sent a spreadsheet with all new, updated or removed access points, as shown below:

2 - RNP checked in a web locator if the information was correct, carried out the inclusion of each information in an xml file and later made it available in a folder with web access for reading from .

How was it after Marker eduroam?

1 - The service provider marks the location of the access point on the map, fills in some information and sends it for approval.

2 - RNP approves the point or sends a comment requesting correction;

3 - Then update the xml. At this point, a new file is generated and made available for reading from the

Results obtained using the tool

With ease of management, the first immediate result is greater confidence in the access point records, in addition, we also have some reductions in numbers regarding the update process:

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