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This page includes articles and other writings about research and education networks, some of which have been published previously.


Livro: "Pássaros Voam em Bando: A história da Internet do século XVIII ao século XXI", de Marcia Dementshuk e Percival Henriques (in Portuguese) 

"The Use of Subaquatic Optical Cables in the Amazon River System of South America" by Michael Stanton, Eduardo Grizendi and Jorge Garcia L., presented at SubOptic2019, New Orleans, LA, USA (April) 

"Collaborating to Leverage R&E Network Infrastructures between Africa, Brazil, and the U.S.", by Heidi Morgan, Julio Ibarra, Michael Stanton, Aluisio Hazin, Len Lotz et al, UbuntuNet-Connect Conference 2019, Antananarivo, Madagascar (October)


Memorial de Michael Stanton (March) (in Portuguese)

A arquitetura de interconexão global da rede acadêmica brasileira (RNP Position Paper), com Alex Soares de Moura (March) (in Portuguese)


Book "Broadband in Brazil", with two chapters (9 and 14) by Michael Stanton and Eduardo Grizendi  [This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License. These two chapters are available in PDF form - see below.

To view a copy of this license, visit or send a letter to Creative Commons, PO Box 1866, Mountain View, CA 94042, USA.] (November)

Chapter 9. The RNP network and new partnerships

Chapter 14. Underwater cables in Brazil and the world

Lançamento do livro "Banda Largo no Brasil", com dois capítulos por Michael Stanton e Eduardo Grizendi [Edição Kindle disponível no] (June) (in Portuguese)

"Bridging the Digital Divide in Tropical South America", (with Eduardo Grizendi) Article at TNC16 on the use of subaquatic cables in the Amazon region (Amazonia Connected programme) (June)


"8K Live Television Coverage of Global Sports Events in Brazil", Article at TNC15 on live transmission of 8K TV coverage of the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil (June)


"Building an infrastructure for experimentation between BR and EU", Article at TNC14 on building the FIBRE testbed (June)

"MonIPÊ Service enabling perfSONAR deployment in Brazil", Article at TNC14 on perfSONAR deployment in Brazil (June)


"Use of Subfluvial Optical Cable in a Region Without Land-Based Infrastructure – a Project to Deploy Advanced Communications in the Amazon Region", Article at UbuntuNet Connect (UC2013) on the use of subaquatic cables in the Amazon region.

"A Software-Based Solution for Distributing and Displaying UHD Video Content over Packet Networks with Applications to Telemedicine and Culture", Article at UbuntuNet Connect (UC2013) on 4K video technology developed at UFPB for RNP.

"SCIFI – A Software-Based Controller for Efficient Wireless Networks", Article at UbuntuNet Connect (UC2013) on low-cost managed WiFi networks developed at UFF for RNP.

"Interoperable Multi Conferencing Technology as a Basis for an Open, Global Web Conferencing Network", Article at UbuntuNet Connect (UC2013) on low-cost global videoconferencing system developed at UFRGS for RNP.

"FIT@BR - a Future Internet Testbed in Brazil", Article at APAN36 Network Research Workshop on the Brazilian Future Internet testbed built by the FIBRE project.

"Ten Years of Creating Advanced Services in Collaboration with the Research Community", Article at TNC2013 on RNP's development programmes in ICT, carried out through working groups from the Brazilian research community.

"Proposta de criação de um Laboratório Nacional de Internet do Futuro", encaminhado ao Conselho Nacional de C&T em abril de 2013.


"Brazilian experience of connecting at 100 Mb/s and 1 Gb/s universities and research institutions in the interior of the country", Article at UbuntuNet Connect (UC2012) on the Veredas Novas (New Paths) initiative.

"Creating advanced Internet services in collaboration with the research community", Article at UbuntuNet Connect (UC2012) on RNP's development programmes in ICT, carried out through working groups from the Brazilian research community.


"Letter from Brasilia", generated at a seminar on a Brazilian Agenda for R&D in Future Internet, Brasília, October 2010.(in Portuguese)

"RNP: a brief look at the Brazilian NREN", History of the development of RNP, with emphasis on the period from 2001 (presented at TNC2010 in Vilnius, Lithuania)

"RNP Experiences and Expectations in Future Internet Research and Development", chapter in New Network Architectures: The Path to the Future Internet (2010)

"Tri-Continental Premiere of 4K Feature Movie via Network Streaming at FILE 2009", 4K streaming of digital cinema from Brazil to the US and Japan, FILE, July 2009


"Optical Networking for Brazil's Higher Education and Research Community", Presented at Interworking 2006 conference in Santiago, Chile


"Cyberinfrastructure for Multidisciplinary Science in Brazil", in CT Watch Quarterly, vol 2, p. 10-14

"RedCLARA: integrating Latin America into global R&E networking", Presented at the TNC 2006 conference in Italy


"Building Optical Networks for the Higher Education and Research Community in Brazil", Redecomep at COMNETS 2005

"Alternatives for Community Metropolitan Networks for the major cities of the Amazon region of Brazil: the case of Belém", Rádio x Cabo at COMNETS 2005

"Project GIGA--High-speed Experimental IP/WDM Network", Project GIGA at TRIDENTCOM 2005


"Uma Rede Metropolitana para Belém do Pará - Estudo de viabilidade", Feasibility study of building an optical metro network in Belém (in Portuguese)


"RNPng: a próxima geração da RNP", Report on New Directions of RNP (in Portuguese)


"Projeto: A Rede UFF de Comunicação Integrada", da Comissão de Fibra Óptica (in Portuguese)

"Soluções alternativas usadas na rede de comunicação da Universidade Federal Fluminense", UFF campus network in NewsGeneration (RNP) (in Portuguese)


"Optimising bandwidth reservation in IP/ATM internetworks using the guaranteed delay service", (with C.A. Malcher Bastos)  presented at IFIP High-Performance Networking (HPN'98).

"A Evolução das Redes Acadêmicas no Brasil: Parte 1 - da BITNET à Internet", Brazilian networks up to 1993, translation into Portuguese of 1993 article,


"A modernização das redes de comunicação da UFF", UFF campus network planning document (in Portuguese)


"Non-Commercial Networking in Brazil", Brazilian networks up to 1993, at INET93 (original paper, scanned; prefer the new edition, below)

"Non-Commercial Networking in Brazil", Brazilian networks up to 1993, at INET93 (new edition of original paper)


"A Rede Interna da PUC-Rio", Catholic U of Rio internal network in 1992, presented at SBRC 1992 (in Portuguese)

"A Evolução de Redes Acadêmicas no País", (with Demi Getschko) the installation of Bitnet and Internet in Brazil up to 1992, presented at SBRC 1992 (in Portuguese)


"Relatório de viagem", Report on visit to the USA written together with Demi Getschko in March, 1991 (in Portuguese)


"Os rumos tecnológicos da RNP", Proposal for adoption of IP technology in Brazil (REDES-L) (in Portuguese)

"A segunda fase da rede regional para o Rio de Janeiro", Project: Phase 2 Rede-Rio (Internet), 1990 (in Portuguese)

"Uma rede regional para o Rio de Janeiro", Project: Phase 1 Rede-Rio (Bitnet), 1990 (in Portuguese)


"The Brazilian National Academic Network", First Description of the proposed network, presented at International Academic Networkshop (IANW'87). Princeton, NJ - November 9-11, 1987.

"Sumário da reunião preparatória da REDE-CC, realizada na EP-USP nos dias 14 e 15 de outubro de 1987", Meeting report: Computer Science network in Brazil, 1987 (in Portuguese)

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