Installation and Configuration

For this installation, use this template available at this address:

Download it where Xen creates its VMs.


To verify where the hypervisor is creating its VMs, verify this file: /etc/xen-tools/xen-tools.conf.

The value of the variable dir is the destiny where the VMs are being created.

cd (directory)/domains


Due to the Island's firewall constraints, it might be necessary to use the internal address to download. In case of need use this address:


And extract it´s contents:

tar zxf vpn-template.tar.gz

And access the directory.


Changing directory name

It might be interesting to change the directory name for this pattern:


CFG File - Disk Configuration

After that it's necessary to edit this file:



It's necessary to edit the following lines:

The variable disk refers where the VM's disk is located. Below is an example of configuration:

disk = [


CFG File - Network Configuration

Typically a FIBRE's island have 03 (three) different networks.

So, when configuring this step is important to have in mind what kind of services the island is going to offer. For example: if it's going to offer experimentation with Icarus Nodes, then it's needed the CMC Network.

For configuring the network, the vif variable is responsible for this task:

vif = [ "mac=00:16:3e:01:00:0a,bridge=br_internet","mac=00:16:3e:01:00:0b,bridge=br_control","mac=00:16:3e:01:00:0c,bridge=br_exp","mac=00:16:3e:01:00:0d,bridge=br_cmc" ]

It's a good practice to use this pattern for mac address generation:

Control Network - 00:16:3e:XX:00:0b

Experimentation Network - 00:16:3e:XX:00:0c

CMC Network - 00:16:3e:XX:00:0d

Where XX stands for the Island's ID and YY stands for the service IP, both in hexadecimal form.


If the Island is not going to the need the CMC network, then the vif line should be like this:

vif = [ "mac=00:16:3e:01:00:0a,bridge=br_internet","mac=00:16:3e:01:00:0b,bridge=br_control","mac=00:16:3e:01:00:0c,bridge=br_exp"]

If the Island is going to need the CMC network, then the vif line should be like this:

vif = [ "mac=00:16:3e:01:00:0a,bridge=br_internet","mac=00:16:3e:01:00:0b,bridge=br_control","mac=00:16:3e:01:00:0c,bridge=br_exp","mac=00:16:3e:01:00:0d,bridge=br_cmc" ]

Depending on how is the Island Network, you may need or not the interface for the Internet.


CFG File - Name of the Virtual Machine

The next step of editing the file it's to change the name of the VM.

Edit this line:


name = ''

This edition consists in just replace template to the name of the institution.


name = ''


CFG File - End of the configuration

After editing, move it to /etc/xen:

mv /etc/xen/

And create a symbolic link at the directory called auto:


cd /etc/xen/auto
ln -s ../


Accessing the VM and Credentials

The next step is to access the console of the VM:

xm create -c (location of the cfg file)


xm create -c /etc/xen/

To start using the VM use the following credentials:

Login: root

Password: vpn

The Automatic Installation

After the login the VM will ask to change the root password.

After that a prompt will appear and an institution must be choosen (example: UFRGS). After this step, it will be asked for an external addresa (IP, mask and gateway). After this configuration, it will be asked if there is a need for the CMC network.